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Script for new flash

2010-10-02 11:40:36 by Xlyen

is almost finished thanks for my friends help... sorry Nick I forget you username XD. anyway should be finished soon...I'm not exactly sure when but soon.

Happy Madness Day!

2010-09-22 18:10:25 by Xlyen

Happy Madness Day everyone I have nothing to show for it tho :( any way... hope to enjoy some rad stuff!

New Stuff

2010-07-14 01:03:20 by Xlyen

All new stuff is comming soon some sprtie animation and some actual animation :D

Totally Fixed Ash is pissed YAY!

2010-07-09 11:28:07 by Xlyen

It is all fixed now so ya go watch it Its worth it ;) at the end click kill Picka? ! its a gameO.o but I didn't tell you ;)


2010-07-07 21:13:32 by Xlyen

I have been working on an edit for Ash is Pissed I have been working like crazy also I have taken all of the comments from people and made the whole thing WAY better I will be releasing it soon ;)

My flash.

2010-07-06 11:46:52 by Xlyen

Well I guess I need to do a repair job Ash is pissed :/

K sweet

2010-07-06 00:19:58 by Xlyen

Just posted my first Sprite animation! hers the link to watch it!


2010-07-05 13:52:34 by Xlyen

Hi I just made my account today so ya...